How do I get the most out of the Abilities Virtual Experience?

What time zone will the sessions be presented in?

All sessions will be presented in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).  Click here for a time conversion chart

What browser should I use to watch the Virtual Conference?

Internet Explorer is not supported. Get the latest Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, or Safari

Will the sessions be available on-demand after?

Sessions will be available on-demand approx. 1 week after the event, and until May 2, 2021.

How do I watch a session?

Make sure you’re logged in, go to the Schedule page and click on the title of each session you are interested in viewing. You can then join or watch by clicking the green join button.

Do I have to be registered to watch each session?

Yes, you must be registered for the event in order to watch sessions.

I am not seeing the green join button.

You may need to clear your browser’s cache on the join page. To do so:

  • On Windows: ctrl + F5
  • On a Mac/Apple: Apple + R or command + R
  • On Linux: F5

Can I add notes while watching?

Yes, go for it! When in a session, click the myNotes tab, type and export them later on.

How do I communicate directly with exhibitors?

Go to the exhibit hall, click on the booth tiles and enter the booth. Click the Booth Rep Chat to the right of the image/video or in the tabs below the video. Any of the company reps can answer that. If you want to chat with one booth rep in particular, you’ll find their icon directly below the video. If you see a green circle next to their icon, they are available to chat.

Where do I find the live exhibitor product demos?

For a full schedule of live product demos, go to the Schedule drop down in the top navigation and select Exhibitor Product Demo Schedule. When you click on the demo you are interested in at the designated time, you will be taken to that booth to view the product demo in the featured video area. If you have questions, just click Booth Rep Chat to the right of the video. 

How do I communicate with other attendees?

When you registered you were given the option of opting into the networking tool. If you did, go to the Connect in the top navigation and you may search by city, state/province, country and interests for other attendees who have opted into the networking tool. When you click on their name, you may see 1 or 2 (chat and email) blue buttons depending on their that person has opted into. You can click on the Connect and Chat button, type in your message and send it. The recipient must first accept your chat request before you can converse.

If you did not opt into the networking tool and would like to, go to My Account in the navigation and click on the My Profile tab. Click the purple Edit Profile button and check “I would like to be included in the networking tool.”

How do I start a discussion group?

Go to the Discuss in the top navigation and click the button that says, “Create a New Discussion Post” and follow the prompts.

How do I update my privacy settings?

Go to My Account in the navigation and click on the My Profile tab. Click the purple Edit Profile button and scroll down to the Preferences section. There you can check or uncheck any of the options. If you decide not to participate in the networking tool, you will be completely invisible to other attendees.